Natural Hair cover, brand new Life!

No longer do you have to be embarrassed about thinning hair.

Intumo allows you to cover up hair loss and focus on style.

Micro dual-blow system, a patented technology.

Amazing technology utilizing natural air flow completes perfect hair cover.
You can cover your hair precisely wherever you want!

Strongly fixed and maintained!

Don't fear the rain! Don't fear the sweat! Strong waterproof effect!
A new world of 'hair cover and volumizing' that lasts for 12 hours!

100% natural hair powder

Only 13 natural ingredients!
Only natural ingredients are used even for dyeing.
You can experience real natural color that looks like your original hair!

Even sensitive scalp, safe to use!

No concern of residue. Easily washable with ordinary shampoo.
Scalp and skin safety clinically tested.


green bottle shampoo

A hair recipe born in Italy - the famous 'green bottle shampoo' right off the shelves of department stores! The holy grail of 10 million people suffering from hair loss.


New hair cover solution

New hair cover solution concept. Easy self application.

Cover the spot you want. It's fast and easy.