Biomed Hair Therapy

High end hair therapy product born out of SOCO headquarter in Turin,

Italy + Turin University pharmaceutical technologies + Switzerland SERVICOS hair research clinic.

Italy's premium hair product brand Biomed

Now enjoy Italy's premium hair product brand Biomed at home.

Let this hair recipe from Italy take care of your hair.

'The green bottle shampoo'

Lining department stores shelves are Biomed's

multitude of products designed to help you find exactly what you need.

Silky hair

Energize your hair. From hair loss to nourishment,

let Biomed take care of you..


green bottle shampoo

A hair recipe born in Italy - the famous 'green bottle shampoo' right off the shelves of department stores! The holy grail of 10 million people suffering from hair loss.


New hair cover solution

New hair cover solution concept. Easy self application.

Cover the spot you want. It's fast and easy.