Natural ingredients

We protect your skin by using natural

ingredients and excluding harmful chemicals.

From the heart of clean, Germany

Born in the country of cleanliness, Germany,

our product is known for being safer and more effective than others.

Sparking clean

Frohdachs is a must-have item for a spotless kitchen.
It's all you need to transform your kitchen into sparkling clean.

Let your car shine

Spotless bathroom

Bathroom should always be clean.

Now keep it clean with natural ingredients.


Active cleaner set

Frohdachs Laundry Detergent Sheet

Frohdachs Laundry Sheet

Active cleaner set made in Germany!
A cleaner that contains clay extracted from natural minerals and coconut oil.

Need detergent? Just pull out a sheet of our laundry detergent sheet!  
One piece of highly concentrated detergent sheet can handle 7kg of laundry!