360 degree automatically rotating rotisserie

Removes fat from the meat but keeps it tender!

Designed with European sensibility

Sleeker design, better taste!
Designed with European sensibility, upgrades your kitchen's style with Rotiro.


Heating while rotating 360 degrees allows meat to cook evenly without having to manually turn it over.

Fat Drop Cooking

Fat down! Taste up!
Healthy cooking by removing the fat from the meat.

Auto-chef mode

Use preset time and temperature for different types of ingredients.
Enjoy chef's cuisine at the touch of a button in the comfort of your own home.

Air filtering system

Internal ceramic air filtering system will eliminate

unpleasant smell and smoke!

Endless possibility of recipes

Enjoy a wide range of recipes that can be accomplished

with Rotiro. Cooking has never been more fun.


rotisserie oven

Rotiro rotisserie oven
Exquisite cuisine at the press of a button!