Now vacuum with one hand easily

Use Senstorm's strong suction strength and light weight to make quick

or thorough vacuuming so easy it can be done with one hand.

High spots are not a problem!

3 types of connection pipes can spotlessly clean the dust off high spots.
Now hard-to-reach spots can be vacuumed easily.

Use strong air flow to blow off dust!

Blow cap converts vacuum cleaner to air blower! Now you can blow off the dust.
Blow the dust off mosquito nets, window sills, book shelves!

Nooks and crannies

Clean the dirt from the crevices of your couch and car seat

with Ssenstorm's powerful motor!


Steam Iron

Combining the advantage of a garment steamer and traditional iron all-in-one, it's the famous red steam iron that everybody's heard of.


Power Handy Cleaner

Lighter, Easier, Stronger!
Ssenstorm is made by Twinbird, the Japanese home appliance manufacturer with 63 years' tradition.