Steam your clothes right on the hanger.

A busy morning, you're rushed for time. With your clothes still on the hanger,

steam them then wear them. Shorten the time it takes you to get ready for work.

Iron with ease

For collars, creases, and other spots, use an ironing board. 

No need to adjust temperature.

Just change the plate to match the fabric, and it's ready!

Gentle, soft lighting

Is your steamer ready for use? What mode are you steaming with?

Now, enjoy your steaming with gentle, soft lighting.

Strong steam that kills bacteria

Worried about the bacteria on your kid's favorite stuffed animal or toys?

SteamQ offers you a solution.

Various Accessories

Other irons focus solely on ironing, but SteamQ comes with a variety of accessories

that allows for a new paradigm in ironing.


Steam Iron

Combining the advantage of a garment steamer and traditional iron all-in-one, it's the famous red steam iron that everybody's heard of.


Power Handy Cleaner

Lighter, Easier, Stronger!
Ssenstorm is made by Twinbird, the Japanese home appliance manufacturer with 63 years' tradition.