English Classes

Nextup’s English classes are open to everybody regardless of job positions. Our online and offline classes are available to every curious and passionate Nexter who is preparing for global entrepreneurship. If and when you are ready, opportunity will knock on your door.


Speak the world’s language!

The online and offline English classes offered at Nextup is focused on speaking. With each class, you grow more and more confident. Soon, English will no longer be an undecipherable code – it will become a key to a globalized world.


Be prepared!

Nextup is expanding to the world. For the Nexters who are not confident yet, take baby steps, and you before you know it, you’ll be communicating with people all over the world about what you do. Seize the opportunity, be prepared! The growth of an individual is the growth of a company. 

#MyStory (only available in Korean)