Current Openings

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Protents Plaza

Sales, Marketing

1.Homeshopping Sales: Homeshopping MD sales, QC and approval process, strategy meeting, broadcasting operation, SCM management, etc.
2. Product development: Identify product USP, price/composition and promotion, broadcasting contents/demonstration development, video production
3. Production management: Manage factories, orders and stock.

Design R&D

Visual Designer

1. Package design
2. Web design(product detail page, brand page, homepage)
3. Brand design

Product Designer

1. Product design planning, analysis, concept determination
2. 3D modeling, rendering, blueprint design
3. New product development and mass production mnanagement

Mechanical Designer

1. Mechanical design, product and components design
2. New product development and mass production management
3. Patent and utility model patent application


Overseas Sales and Import/Export

1. Overseas import/export and email correspondant
2. Overseas sales
3. Overseas factory management and product development coordinating

Management Plaza


1. Bookkeeping, settlements
2. Investment project management, return analysis, budgeting,
3. IR: Stock market related work, including public offering

Human Resource

1. Recruitment, onboarding/exits
2. Payroll management
3. benefits administration and business culture management

Office manager

1. Property management: Cars, insurance, security, facilities, patent and trademark, etc
2. Documents, policy management and other office support
3. Event management and operation support


1. Homeshopping SCM management
2. Answering inbounding calls
3. A/S processing(by product)


1. Stock management
2. Product delivery data management