Welfare System 

Each employer's quality of life is important to Nextup.

Life with a margin
1. ‘Vacances' Policy  

30 business day paid leave, which translates to approximately 45 days' time off work including weekends. 

- You are eligible to this privilege a year after you’ve become a Nexter.

Not picking up your work call is a must 

- share your work progress before you leave and enjoy complete freedom while you’re away.         

Q1. What if you go on a vacation abroad on your own?
- We pay for your roundtrip tickets! Doesn’t matter where you go!

Q2. What if you want to study during your time off?
- We pay for your entire education cost!               

2. Days off for long term employees   

How do we celebrate your work anniversary?

- Bonus package and days off according to your employment years.

*Years of employment  5 years : Paid leave 2weeks / 100% of your monthly paycheck
*Years of employment  10 years : Paid leave 1month / 200% of your monthly paycheck
*Years of employment  15 years : Paid leave 3month / 300% of your monthly paycheck

3. Annual Paid Leave

If you do not opt for our ‘Vacances’ policy, you can still enjoy your annual paid leave.

Annual paid leave is your basic lawful right!

Healthy Life
1. Fitness

- Affiliated fitness center membership and personal trainer sponsored                                 

2. Sports Reimbursement   

- If you want to play a different kind of sport, we will reimburse your activity cost: Choose the sport that is right for you.

3. Routine Physical   

- We pay for a thorough physical once a year according to your age group. 

Acquisition of Knowledge
1. Various Educational Support

- Professional competency education

* Tuition fully supported when admitted to a domestic university for continued educatin.
* Tuition fully supported, living cost partially supported when admitted to an overseas university for continued education.

2. In-house English Classes / Online English classes     

- In-house English study groups: Native ESL teacher and textbook sponsored

3. Recreation Club Sponsorship

- When a group of five or more people gather and participate in recreation club, the monthly operation cost is sponsored.

4. Books Reimbursement

- If a book is helpful for your personal growth, then we reimburse your books regardless of its genre.

A Life Together
1. Holiday Bonus 

- Holiday bonus during lunar new year and mid-autumn festival.

2. Family Event Support 

- In the event of a family celebration or mourning, we give a celebration/mourning cash gift – we share joy and sorrow together.

- Birthday, wedding, birth of a child, a child’s first birthday, parents’ 60th, 70th birthday, funeral.

3. Children’s Education Support

- Childcare, elementary, middle, high school, university tuition financial aid.

A Working Life
1. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack

– All meals are provided. Meal allowances that has no limit, and a Nextup Café that resembles a convenient store.

2. Communication

– We reimburse your cellphone bill and partially reimburse your mobile phone cost.

3. Business Expenses Reimbursement

– Parking cost, gas and other costs related to business is reimbursed