‘Vacances’ Policy

Nexters only work for 11 months a year. We have one month at our disposition to travel and to discover ourselves.

For one month, we reflect on the past and look into the future. This is a policy uniquely available to those working for Nextup.


Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Nexters aren’t afraid of any destination. Beyond the fear of the unknown, there is a lesson to be learned,

a different way of life to be experienced, and a self to be discovered. Set out on your journey and leave your fear

behind! Nexters think more positively than anybody else!


A journey of self-discovery!

If you’re already en route, begin your journey of self-discovery. When left to your own devices, it’s time to reflect on your past,

be in the present, and look into the future. Through introspection and encouragement, readjust your state of mind.


Come back!

You, the roamer, it’s now time to share your experience. Pass on your new-found strength and ambition to your

colleagues! Let us all remember the moment one of us journeyed out into the world!

‘Vacances’ Highlights