No more worrying about bad breath,

with just a tablet of Ladent!

Immediately gets rid of bad breath after just one time use.
Eliminates causes of bad breath including bacteria all at once.

Fresh micro-bubbles generated as you chew!

All you need is just chewing a tablet of Ladent.
Then, fresh micro-bubbles containing effective ingredients 
will burst inside your mouth and help with deep cleansing.

A tablet of Ladent, full of pure ingredients!

0% water!
Pure ingredients are pressed into a tablet without a

drop of water and spread the freshness into your mouth gently.

A piece of Ladent,

easy use anywhere and at any time,

A new concept of toothpaste that you can use like a gargle

when there Is no toothbrush.

Safe and clean!

All your family can use it without any concern.
Oral safety clinically confirmed. (Corederm/2017)




Hair cover solution

Ladent ; Refine the Life.

Simply chew and experience brand new toothpaste!

Fresh everyday, 'Ladent Vitamin Tablet Toothpaste'

Intumo's brand new hair cover solution.

Cover your hair as if it is your own and restore natural volume.


green bottle shampoo

A hair recipe born in Italy - the famous 'green bottle shampoo' right off the shelves of department stores! The holy grail of 10 million people suffering from hair loss.